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(EN) "How to make your travellers happy?" - a lecture by Evgeniy Zalberg

(EN) "How to make your travellers happy?" - a lecture by Evgeniy Zalberg

- How to make your travellers happy? A crash course on managing expectations.

Online lecture (paskaita Anglų kalba)


Making travellers happy on tour is the core of a tour leader’s or guide’s job. Basically, this is what we are paid for and this is what travellers always want from their vacation - to come back home refreshed and happy.

However, when dealing with a group of people, happiness is a different thing for everyone. How can you make 10, 20, 30 people in the group happy if they all travel for different reasons, and have different criteria for happiness? We will discuss how to manage travellers' expectations, how to deliver the tour for your group in order to prevent complaints and how to make travellers happy individually.

Here’s a small teaser - be honest!

About the lecturer - 


Evgeniy Zalberg

Tourism project manager, former regional manager for an international travel corporation, mentor & tour guide


Evgeniy is from Saint Petersburg Russia, he has been growing in travel industry since he was 18, when he took his first job as a local guide in Saint Petersburg. In a course of a few years, he started leading bus tours to Moscow with the British travel agency Beetroot tours, eventually ending up as a tour leader for Grand Circle Corporation, the world leader in international travel business for Senior Americans. Evgeniy joined the company when he was just 22, being the youngest tour leader at the time. This was a beginning of a journey of 14 years, when he lead tours in Russia and Scandinavia.


From 2015, Evgeniy was involved into hiring and coaching of tour leaders in various regions, he led coaching sessions in Central Asia, Western Europe, Scandinavia, Baltics and, of course, Russia. Over his career, he hired more then 100 tour leaders and took part in coaching of more than 150 tour leaders, from all over the world. In 2018, Evgeniy became the Regional General Manager for Grand Circle corporation, overseeing quality assurance in Turkey, Central Asia, Baltics, Scandinavia and Russia. From June 2020, Evgeniy has been involved into a project of developing a Russian travel platform, the role of which is to boost the incoming and internal travel business in Russia.


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